As comprehensive as it gets

When you’ve a busy caseload to work through, a specialist team who’ll take on specific tasks and responsibilities is worth its weight in gold. At Insol Employee Solutions we are that team. Our experts offer a huge range services covering every aspect of employment rights and those issues faced by company employees in the face of insolvency.

Our expert advisors understand the ins and outs of insolvency and particularly how it impacts on those employees it affects. Better still, they know their way around the complex legislation and protocols that need addressing in order to achieve a swift, legally watertight and commercially viable outcome. From processing claims forms and calculating TUPE to satisfying the Inland Revenue: our people use a hands-on approach to complete their work quickly, thoroughly and with all the professionalism you’d expect from an Insol company.


Processing claim forms
Completion of statutory forms
Collation of information
On-site presence

Calculations for:

Statement of affairs
Employee pref and non-pref claims including protective rewards
DTI and Bank Subrogated claims

Inland Revenue matters:

P35/P14 pre and post-appointment
Sub-contractor returns


Weekly and monthly
Manual and computerised

Legal Link

General Correspondence

Why choose Insol Assist?

If you’re a busy Insolvency Practitioner with a pressing caseload, you probably need a good reason not to choose our employment rights telephone helpline service.
Our UK-based headquarters is home to experienced employment rights experts waiting to advise you on all matters relating to company employees in cases of insolvency.

Just a phone call away, our team provide independent yet commercially focused support based on the very latest thinking and legislation surrounding employment rights in insolvency. From payroll and large or small-scale redundancy through to fulfilling the complex legal obligations when insolvency is inevitable, our advisers expertly steer practitioners through the maze of issues that can make their jobs seem overwhelming.

Our helpline will also field time-consuming calls from redundant employees, creditors and sub-contractors, giving practitioners the crucial freedom they need to focus on the specialist tasks only they can perform.

Best of all, with the Insol reputation behind them, our advisors enjoy the back-up of a management team with 20 years’ combined experience of HR and employment rights under their belt. That doesn’t just mean insightful advice and great service: it means real peace of mind for any practitioner who puts their trust in us.

Achieve a more thorough approach and superior outcomes thanks to expert support delivered with real professionalism.

Improve your overall profitability through better efficiency, and reduce workloads and stress levels by handing key responsibilities over to us.

Enjoy specialist telephone helpline support delivered by experts with experience of the Insolvency Provisions of the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Access our web-based information centre designed for each individual case.

Make use of secure web-based support systems and information resources available for the use of employees.

Additional support services available on demand.